How does the program work?

The Program is a 6 Week Online based program that is run through a private Facebook group. The program is broken into 3 phases which get more difficult as you progress. There are 18 new workouts that are gym/home based that come with video demonstration and downloadable PDF.  You will get 6 new workouts weeks 1,3,5 and repeat workouts weeks 2,4,6. After you complete phase 1 workouts twice (weeks 1&2) you will then advance to phase 2 (weeks 3&4) with brand new workouts each phase. You will receive a personalized macro count and weekly body assessments, and great macro friendly recipes for your meal plan. The program has daily posts and interactive games to help guide you, and keep it fun and motivating. It has a full team of trainers, and team leaders to help you along the way, so you don't feel stuck. You will get a 3 phase cardio plan, and weekly cardio challenges for a chance to win prizes. You will receive a mobility/stretch plan to help with recovery, and to help avoid injuries. This program is designed to combine cardio, strength training, and proper nutrition to help maximize your results. You will be pushed and motivated everyday to help find the best version of you physically and mentally. This program will provide you with structure, accountability and will help you stay disciplined to help you achieve your goals. 

Whats included in the program?

  • Strength Training Plan
  • Cardio plan
  • Athletic Therapy Plan and Recovery
  • Personalized Meal Plan 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily motivational posts
  • Interactive posts/games
  • Weekly Prizes


Strength Training/Cardio

The strength training and cardio plan are strategically broken down in 3 phases (Weeks 1&2 weeks 3&4, weeks 5&6).

New workouts will be uploaded in a video demonstration as well as downloadable PDF.

New workouts are released weeks 1,3 and 5, and repeated weeks 2,4,6, allowing you to do the same workouts twice to improve and each week cardio gets more intense to maximize results.

Weekly cardio challenges that are interactive and fun with other Fit4Lifers and a chance to win sponsored prizes.

Athletic Therapy Plan

We have a registered athletic therapist whom creates a stretch plan, weekly tips and self care tips to prevent injury and help with muscle soreness.

Meal Plan

Our program allows you to have a meal plan that is personalized to your preference within reason. You will be given a suggested food list as well as a personal daily macro count (Protein/carbs/fats) that is adjusted weekly when progress photos are sent to coach. 

Daily Motivation and Accountability

Daily posts are made by coach and Fit4Life team leaders to help motivate and drive you to work harder and be the best version of yourself.

There are also daily interactive posts that are a fun way to socialize, meet new people on the same journey and love the process!